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Book Halal Homes is a faith-based online community marketplace for people to list, discover and book Muslim-friendly accommodations and destinations around the world - online or from a mobile phone. Book Halal Homes having been coined the “Muslim Airbnb” by its users. 

It's the first peer-to-peer property rental platform exclusively focused on the Halal tourism market. A popular choice of mainstream halal travel accommodations that was founded in January 2016 in the UK, with its headquarters in London.

The founder and CEO, Karima Bihaki, a Muslim female entrepreneur came up with the idea for her business after struggling with a problem of how to locate safe Muslim-friendly rooms across the globe for many years. Eventually, Karima found a female Muslim landlord in a convenient location in London during a business trip, while she herself rented out her rooms to Muslim students from Sudan and Egypt. Before for she knew it, Book Halal Homes founder created her very own peer-to-peer accommodation site.

Being a reputed pioneer in executing winning products aimed at Muslim consumers for over 15 years, Karima's experience has led her to build strong relationships and uphold trust within the Muslim community global. Through her trusted online community marketplace that was formed with a vision to create meaningful connections at Muslim friendly destinations and better neighbourhoods helps Muslim travellers feel at home and safe.


The Halal Tourism Market

 The Halal tourism industry in 2013 was worth $140 billion, 13% of the world tourism income (excluding Hadj & Umrah) and will rise to $193 billion in 2020. The collective global Muslim tourism market is bigger than the largest tourist-bound country: United States. Muslims spent an estimated $142 billion on global outbound travel in 2014, representing 11 per cent of global expenditure on outbound tourism, according to the State of the Global Islamic Economy 2015/16 report.


Halal friendly and Muslim friendly terms

When one talks about halal homes it means that all the listed properties on our rental marketplace are selected with the Muslim traveller in mind. They all offer halal food, non-alcoholic drinks, non-smoking areas, private pools and spas, prayer facilities on site, Muslim travel guides, mosques and halal restaurant locators and can be enjoyed all the travelling men, women, families, business or solo travellers. With stays of various lengths - a weekend break through to a long term let - in varied accommodations; houses, rooms, apartments or villas, hosts rent out their properties to travellers in harmony with their values and beliefs.

Our hosts and guests are individuals, communities, companies, and organizations, all of whom are deeply embedded in a highly efficient sharing system, which all parties contribute to and benefit from without compromising their Islamic beliefs and practices.

One of the largest tourism consumer segments in the world are Muslims whose tourism expenditure collectively is larger than the largest spending tourist source market in the world. An average traveller from the halal tourism market spends about $1700 on vacation, $500 more than the average European.

Book Halal Homes offer a price that undercuts existing solutions on the market. Our model is a pay-per-booking model, we generate 20 per cent fix of the transaction value, equally divided between the host 10% and from the guest 10%. Book Halal Homes gives one per cent of each booking to helping poor communities worldwide.  

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