Book Halal Homes is an ethical and faith-based platform for anyone who feels connected with the Islamic Faith. We have created standards for how to be a faithful host with a mission to 'wish for others what you wish for yourself'. As a host, you will need to be welcoming and responsible for ensuring your guests have an enjoyable experience inline with their belief and values. The standards of Faithful Hosting consist of eights competencies that will help a host clearly understanding of what it takes to be a great host.



Ensure your listings' description, photos, property type, the number of bedrooms accurately reflect the listing the guest will experience. Providing detailed information about what your listing has to offer and updated new changes accordingly. 



You should always feel confident that you are able to host a reservation. Ensure you can commit to your guest before accepting a bookings request. Keeping your calendar and listing information updated increases the likelihood of receiving reservation requests you can accommodate.


Attention to Communication

Respond to all booking enquiries and reservation requests within 24 hours. Decline reservation requests accordingly. Make sure you keep your guest informed and respond quickly to all questions. Leave a genuine review for your guest within 14 days of check out. Communicate with our customer service anytime you need our help.


Cleanliness and presentation

Ensure your listings' property, rooms and common areas are clean and tidy are cleaned before guest arrival. You can charge a cleaning fee and use the extra money to pay for cleaning supplies or hire a professional cleaning service. 



Accepting responsibility when you make a mistake makes the most of a bad situation. Step up, and be responsible when you say "I'm Sorry, I have made a mistake and it's not going to happen again". Do all you can to make it up with your guest. Host responsible and legally in all your affairs. 


Positive Ethos

Host Muslim-friendly by offering halal food or show your guest where to purchase halal food. Your property needs to be alcohol and smoke-free. Make sure your pools and spa are private and accessible for your guest only. facilitate a space where your guest can pray, mark where the qiblah is for prayers and even leave them a Quran for them to use. 


Building relationships

Work towards a good relationship with your guest and provide them with a positive experience. This will ensure that guests will book again your place and share positive reviews encouraging others to book your place. Book Halal Homes wants to encourage its hosts and guests to create a community that enables members to benefit from each other and to create a feeling of belong to the ummah.


Lending a hand

During the reservations, try to make yourself or at very least accessible, to solve any issues that may arise. Think of how you would like to be welcomed and what you would expect of a stay if you were the guest. Lending a hand will help you and your guest a smooth and memorable experience. This will secure new bookings in the future. 

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