Book Halal Homes is a trusted online community marketplace for people to list, discover and book Muslim-friendly accommodations and destinations around the world - online or from a mobile phone. For stays of various lengths - a weekend break through to a long term let - in varied accommodations; houses, rooms, apartments or villas. Hosts rent out their properties to travellers in harmony with their values and beliefs. Guests enjoy the host's home as if it were a place like home - Together we are connecting the global Muslim community with endless opportunities while making lasting friendships.


Our Mission and Values 

Book Halal Homes was founded in 2016 in London, the UK. by Mrs Karima Bihaki, with a vision to create meaningful connections at Muslim friendly destinations and help to create better neighbourhoods where Muslim travellers feel safe and at home anytime, anywhere and any place. 

Mrs Karima and her family have been travelling for leisure and work for many years and are fully aware of how difficult it can be to find the right accommodation that is suitable for the whole family and where you can be yourself without compromising your belief and values. She and her family are using Book Halal Homes themselves to book properties for holiday and travel for business. They even rent out their home - as they believe this is the best way to continually improve the services Bookhalalhomes offers to both our guests and hosts.


Meaning of Halal Firendly and Muslim Friendly 

Book Halal Homes is an ethical and faith-based platform. So when we are talking about Halal homes it means that all the listed properties on our rental marketplace are selected with the Muslim traveller and Muslim Host in mind. They all offer halal food, non-alcoholic drinks, non-smoking areas, private pools and spas, prayer facilities on site, Muslim travel guides, mosques and halal restaurant GPS locators. This for travelling men, women, families, business or solo travellers. 


Our Success 

Book Halal Homes utilises unused properties from people, they’re only using now and again or their primary residence. We are giving homeowners who list their property with us the opportunity to earn extra income from their homes. We name our hosts micro-entrepreneurs. With the money our hosts earn they pay the cost of living such as the rent, loan, their own holiday or pursue their dreams. When travellers are using our website, they can often find accommodation for less than the cost of a hotel room of a similar quality and have more space. Additionally, travellers can enjoy authentic travel experiences and life like locals without compromising their values and beliefs. This makes Book Halal Homes the first peer-to-peer rental marketplace within the Halal Tourism market and a popular choice of mainstream halal travel accommodation. 

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